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Soylent Green * Richard Fleischer * 1973

This film has been on my wishlist for ages (slumberingly). When it was anounced on a TV channel that I do not have, I decided to finally rent this old sci-fi cult classic. “Soylent Green” is nice, especially for the time it was made it. It looks a bit like “The Prisoner”, but more forced sci-fi, but still looking 70’ies. The story plays in 2022 New York where actually just one corporation has control over the people and in which ‘real food’ is no longer for the masses. A police-man investigates a murder and runs into a massive conspiracy. The film has a few nice findings and the title somehow is the main element of the film, but it can be explained in different ways. Entertaining and when you put the story on modern society, thought-provoking as well. A good classic.

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