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Rome * Bruno Heller, et al (2005/7)

When these series were first broadcasted I heard about the money that was spent on it and how good it was. Later I saw two episodes on some free DVD, but all in all it took about a decade before I finally watched it. There are only two seasons, which is a good thing, because I am not fond of too long running series. The first season is substantially better than the second, but the complete series do indeed well live up to the 9 out of 10 that the series are still rated at IMDb. The first season has more stress on (political) intreagues and religion in the daily lives of Romans; the second season is more soap/drama with focus on the personal relations of a variety of characters. The main characters is the unlikely couple Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo who served in the 13th legion in Gaul under Gaius Julius Ceasar. Changing Ceasars and alliances the two remain friends under good and bad circumstances. Other main characters are politicians and the nobility who all try to form situations to their own benefit. The series certainly give a wonderfull insight in the daily lives of Romans of different standings with their interests, doubts, daily routine and a lot of sex.

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