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The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet * Jean-Pierre Jeunet (2013)

The latest Jeunet is a sweet film about the brilliant nine-year-old from the title. T.S. lives on the American countryside with his weird mother (Helena Bonham Carter) and his cowboy father. Obsessed by science he makes a brilliant discovery that grants him an award at the Smithsonian. Trying to not be too much of a burdon to his family, T.S. decides to get to Washington by himself, turning the film some into sort of roadmovie. Of course there needs to be a part for Dominique Pinon along the way!
The film is, as we are used to of Jeunet, ‘magic-realistic’, humoristic and slightly absurd. The atmosphere reminds of Tim Burton’s “Big Fish“. I like Jeunet’s darker, early work better, but his latest film is surely another nice watch. Bright colours, great camera work and good humour.

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