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The Believer * Henry Bean (2001)

Daniel Balint (Ryan Goslin) is raised a traditional, Jewish boy. He is highly intellectual and develops radically different ideas from what his teacher tries to convince him of. When older, he becomes a radical anti-Semite. Danny gets tossed between wanting to be a merciless skinhead, an educated fascist and his roots.
Apparently the story is based on a KKK member, but this organisation is not specifically featured in the film (perhaps its origins are). As strange as the story is, as strange the film is, especially towards the end. It looks like it that Balint explains his motivations in one of his more controversial lectures.
Not really a pleasent film to watch, since you are constantly fired at with anti-Semitic reasoning. The fact that it is based on actual events does make it somewhat interesting though. Perhaps this is a film to accompany “American History X“.

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