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Tideland * Terry Gilliam * 2005

Gilliam may be best known for having been part of Monty Python, but as a film director he has a varried CV; “Brazil”, “Baron van Munchausen”, “Twelve Monkies”, just to name a few titles. With “Tideland” Gilliam has made a fantasy drama. The 12 year old Jodelle Ferland carries the entire film (and she has an impressive list of films on her name already) as a young girl who is dependent all on her own with her shit-for-brains parents. She flees into a fantasy world, but the real world is as weird are her fantasies. This may sound like a children’s film, but it definately is not! The story is harsch, some scenes close to shocking and the characters offensive. The film is shot on great locations, but there isn’t too much to the story. The film is nice, but nothing really special. Nice to see some time though.

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