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The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy * Garth Jennings * 2005

Of course I knew about the book and the film, but I never really cared to see it. A while ago I saw the DVD cheaply and later decided to just buy the film and watch this classic. The DVD makes the film into a children’s film with children’s films advertisements etc. Well, maybe the film is enjoyable for children, but it sure is for adults as well! Especially the first part of the film is stuffed with great jokes, wordplays, silly stories and odd situations. There is a subtle criticism towards the modern way of living and society. The characters are great (especially the manically depressed robot) and the big questions of life are dealt with in a very amusing and often thoughtfull manner. The guide from the title is a ‘book’ that reminds of Prospero’s Books with images coming out when opening it and a voiceover to tell a story. I really had a good laugh watching the film and I can recommand to see it to everyone still in doubt if they want to see this philosophical sci-fi comedy.

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