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Nadja * Michael Almereyda (1994)

Yes, this is another vampire film and no, it is not very good, but there are a few reasons to watch it nonetheless.
First; however it is produced in 1994, it looks like an old videotape that has been copied numerous times; especially in the scenes throug the eyes of the vampires. The shady way of filming is alternated with weird, experimental elements. This is not totally unexpected, because no less than Mary Sweeny (the reason that I found this film) and her ex-husband David Lynch have produced this film. Lynch even has a small part in it!
The known story has been relocated to contemporary New York. We mostly follow Nadja from the title, a young woman living through the night. When her father dies, she sets out to find her brother. The story is not very surprising, but the atmosphere and the ‘dirty’ way of filming makes “Nadja” one of those films that deserve to be seen some time.

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