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Kapringen * Tobias Lindholm (2012)

A Danish ship is hijacked by Somalian pirates and “A Hijacking” shows what happens next both on board and in the offices of the company that owns the ship. The company hires an expert in these situation who advices them to not just pay the money (if the hijackers are made easy they will use the method even more) but to negotiate about the money that has to be exchanged. These negotiations carry on for months which of course has a major effect on the people on board, their families and the company, particularly the negotiators.
On board the situation keeps swinging between hostile and relatively friendly while the hijackers patiently wait for an amount of money to agree upon.
The film looks realistic and I think the situation is brought well to the viewer. It certainly gives an extra dimension to news-items about hijacks because as a news-watching you probably have no idea how this goes.

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