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Maaz * Christian Volckman * 1999

This short film (10 minutes) is an earlier experiment of the Frenchman Volckman and his crew. It comes as extra on the “Renaissance” DVD (see elsewhere). “Maaz” is a great-looking experiment with real actors and real stages, but with heavy digital workings and surroundings. Bright colours, strange effects, but not really a story. The result is a dream-like atmosphere (or maybe more like a nightmare) and something quite new in filming and therefor a reason to see sometimes. I have no idea if the film can be found another way than on the “Renaissance” DVD, but that film is worth the buy as well, so no worries. There seems to be no poster, so I just picked an image from the internet for the purpose.

2 thoughts on “Maaz * Christian Volckman * 1999”

  1. i purchased Renaissance for the sole reason of procuring a copy of Maaz, and it was not on my copy. perhaps it is a regional acquisition? if anybody knows of the copy that has Maaz on it, i am extremely interested in purchasing it.

  2. Jane, where are you from? My copy just happened to have “Maaz” on it and it seems that most versions do. Have a look at this. I found several versions with “Maaz” on it, but they (indeed) all seem to be European.

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