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Happiness * Todd Solondz (1998)

This film is not a film about people who are happy, but people who want to be. There are different storylines, most of them are somehow connected (the modern way of filming). The not very happy people mostly have some sexual frustration which makes sex a Leitmotiv in the film. The abarrent sexual expressions are quite taboo-breaking in a few of the characters.
“Happiness” is certainly not a feel good movie. The focus lays on the things of the characters that do not go as they want and their unability to change their fates, makes them quite depressed or even worse. Fortunately, the film is not as heavy as some similar films. There is a descent amount of black humour putting things in perspective.
Indeed, if you like a film like “Magnolia”, you might want to watch “Happiness”. Also, this film features the recently deceased Philip Seymour Hoffman (I did not know that when I got it), so you can also watch it as a tribute to this actor.

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