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Nineteen Eighty-Four * Michael Radford (1984)

I do not suppose that I read the book (perhaps for school, but I think not), but the story is famous enough that even I understood some of the unexplained details. It looks like I never saw the film either by the way.
I do not suppose I will have to tell you much about the story. In a totalitarian future regime, “the party” tries to brainwash people so that entire society will be the benefit of “the party”. A man and a young woman (consciously I think) rebel by developing an affair. Once caught, the brainwashing takes violent forms.
The film has a rather desparate atmosphere which fits well to the story. The story is in many ways still current, so I can definately recommend my and the next generation to watch it. Of course it all looks quite 1980’ies, but that is (to me) certainly no problem.

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