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Hitchcock * Sacha Gervasi (2012)

We find the famous film director Alfred Hitchcock with a writer’s block. His producers want him to keep making the films that raise money, but Hitchcock himself is looking for something new. Then he runs into a book based on the life and deeds of Ed Gein and he decides that this is going to be his next film. The book is pretty gruesome and everybody, including his producers, think Hitchcock’s idea is a bad one. Financing the project himself and supported by his wife, Hitchcock is going to make the first ‘high-brow’ horror film.
The cover, and especially Athony Hopkins’ expression, clearly tells the tone for this film: somewhat lightly absurdistic comical. The film does indeed contain a couple of well-placed jokes, but also some rather dull ones. What the film does better, is telling the story of the making of “Psycho” and giving the viewer insight in the person of Hitchcock and the relation with his wife.
All in all not a boring, but not a wholly interesting film.

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