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Colic: Dek Hen Pee * Patchanon Thammajira (2006)

Phrae more or less forces her boyfriend Pongpop to marry her and have a baby. The couple moves in with Pongpop’s mother and as soon as the baby is born, it is obvious that this is a crying-baby, one that always cries. Trying to find a sollution the couple goes to a (para)psychologist who explains the ‘disease’ as far as it is understood and Buddhistic monks who seem to know what the problem is, but they only say that these problems will pass when the baby passes its first year. Until that time, it has to be carefully watched. Phrae finds out that something mysterious surrounds the baby and its crying, Pongpop does not believe her for a while.
“Colic” is a typical, and average, Eastern (Thai in this case) thriller with horror elements. The atmosphere is nice and dark, the story the obligatory ghost-story based on Eastern religion (or rather folklore I guess).
Not bad, but certainly nothing out of the ordinary.

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