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Widmo * Banjong Pisanthanakun & Parkpoom Wongpoom * 2004


There was a time that I watched a lot of Asian horror. Since they are often alike, I don’t see much nowadays. Fortunately MTV continue their “Asia Mania” friday nights, so once in a while I can watch a film that I haven’t seen yet afterall. The Thai film “Widmo” (“Shutter”) is a variation on a theme, such as most other of such films. Two youngsters think that they are haunted by the spirit of a girl that they drove over from which accident they fled. “Widmo” has the typical dense atmosphere which is well done, also the creapy women are present, the droning sounds, evil spirits and the dark filming. “Widmo” is very enjoyable, but like said on IMDb: “great – but no revolution”.

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