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Whisky * Juan Pablo Rebella and Pablo Stoll * 2004

This Spanish film is shown in few Dutch filmhouses at the moment. It is anounced as a comedy about the absurdity of daily life. The film is about a sock-factory ran by four people, the owner Jacobo, Marta and two helpers. Life is a pain for Jacobo and Marta who have to work hard in the filthy factory for little money and being only able to enjoy some small joys of life. Then Jacobo’s brothes comes over from Brazil and Jacobo wants to present himself better than he actually is. He and Marta pretent to be married and live in house of the recently deceased mother of the two brothers. Jacobo obviously doesn’t enjoy it all and can’t find pleasure in anything. Marta and Herman Koller do their best to make something of the situation.
“Whisky” (a word that appears twice in the film when a picture is being taken of people) isn’t much of a comedy in my eyes. It has some wonderfull subtle humorous scenes and a few nice jokes, but overall the film is mostly a drama. The film is as minimal as the lifes of the characters and however I didn’t find it boring, I am not too enthousiastic.

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