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Thale * Aleksander Nordaas (2012)

“Thale” is an amusing little Norwegian film. Coldblooded Leo and his by far not coldblooded temporary colleague Elvis have a job to clean up the forrest house of an old men torn up by predators. When searching the house, they stumble upon a cellar with a wild girl in it (with a remarkably fashionable haircut). The rest of the story is already given away everywhere, try not to read all that. Pokerface Leo is brilliant as he approaches everything without any emotion. Elvis is also funny since most things he encounters makes him puke. This is brought with great, Scandinavian humour. From a black comedy the film slowly ships towards becoming a thriller with fantasy elements. That part is not exactly perfectly worked out, but when you watch “Thale” as a small production and not as some hip Hollywood production, it is a nice film to watch some time.

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