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V For Vendetta * James McTeige * 2005

It is the year 2020. The United States no longer exist after a serious (biological) war. The situation in the former USA was misused by a British politician who managed to establish a totalitarian dictatorship holding the middle between the ‘Orwellian’ world of 1984, the Nazi reign of Germany and the communistic terror in the far East. One man who has seriously suffered the worst part of society is up for revenge and uses “the fifth of November” as a “day to remember”. “V For Vendetta” opens with the story of the miniseries “Gunpowder, Treason & Plot” that I recently reviewed. Guy Fawkes planned to blow up the parliament in which the tiranical James (VI of Scotland and I of England) reigns on 5 November 1605. “V” plans on doing the same. 20 Years of preparation and then his campaign of terror begins. He blows up the famous statue of Justitia and anounces a revolution on next years 5 November. In the proces our masked Hugo Weaving (agent Smith in the Matrix films) falls in love with Evey (Nathalie Portman) who eventually becomes his pupil.
V For Vendetta is based on a comic with the same name that was published between 1982 and 1985. The film is the debut of director McTeige. McTeige was assistant director of the Matrix films and the brother Wachowski have put a major stamp on McTeige’s debut. The film is shot originally, has major variation in speed (from extremely fast action scenes to long monologues by “V”), great settings and unorthodox lighting. The atmosphere is nicely bizar, but the message is clear and harsch and also very timely, which is the reason why the film was delayed. All sorts of paralells can be drawn and the film gives enough to think about, which can concern the film itself, but also it’s message about present day society (definately the goal of “V”!). A very nice watch for sure.

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