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Sheitan * Kim Chapiron (2006)

“Sheitan” is a teen horror with a typical story, but all the Hollywood variations to the theme look like teen films in comparison to “Sheitan”. After a varying successfull Christmas evening in a disco, a group of youngsters drive from Paris to some remote village where one of the girls lives. As soon a they get near the village, it is obvious that this village is pretty weird. You can almost fill in the rest of the story, but let me say that the youngsters spend Christmas with Vincent Cassel at his most maniacal and when you have followed the carreer of the good man, you might have an idea of what that means. The boys try to get laid, the girls are somewhat interested, but all the attention goes to Joseph (Cassel) who makes himself he middle of all events. Slowly but surely “Sheitan” becomes a horror.
However Cassel is brilliant, I do not particularly like “Sheitan”. I am not much into teenagers in films. The village’s inhabitants are funny though and there is enough horror-humour to make the film enjoyable.

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