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Vercingétorix * Jacques Dorfmann * 2001


I bought this film with the title “Druids” and I wondered what this title was all about. The original title is much more suiting, because this film is not about Druids, but about the man who made the Celtic tribes come together and fight their Roman oppressors. I was surprised to see that this film is already from 2001. I figured that after the succes of “Gladiator” and similar films, any historical thing that can be used to make films with massive fighting-scenes would be grabbed in order to try to make ‘the new Gladiator’. I must say that I do like the fact that filmmakers take interesting facts from history and try to make a (more or less) correct reproduction thereof. The subject of this film has my particular interest, so…
Christopher Lambert is the ugly Vercingétorix and Dorfmann shows how he grows up, lives with the Romans and tries to make the Celts one army force instead of separate clans fighting eachother. All this is well done and however the film is by far no new Gladiator, it is very enjoyable and I think a bit educational as well.

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