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Fear X * Nicholas Winding Refn (2003)

Waiting for the upcoming “Only God Forgives”, I got myself an old film of Refn. “Fear X” has the Refn style I guess, a very slow-paced thriller. Security guard Harry’s wife got killed, apparently without reason. Obsessed with finding the murderer, just to ask: “why”, Harry spends all his time watching security tapes which certainly will contain the man he is looking for. Then the police puts him on the trail of a place where Harry and his wife spent holidays and Harry sets out with a few good leads.
“Fear X” has, like I said, a very slow pace, a minimalistic story, little dialogue, nicely dark ‘Lynchian’ scenes, a wonderfull minimalistic soundtrack created by Brian Eno and a couple of great hallucinary scenes.
Indeed, a good film of Nicholas Winding Refn.

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