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Suspiria * Dario Argento (1977)

  • horror

Am I correct when I assume that “Suspiria” is Argento’s most famous film? I was wondering if is it would be better than “Tenebrae”. It is. There is still the corny slasher with bright-light blood, silly-looking dying-scenes, an awfull English overdub and most of the time, but film is not very scary, but what makes this much more interesting than “Tenebrae” is the magnificent soundtrack of the Italian progrockband Goblin, the wonderfull stages (Jugendstill or Rudolf Steiner buildings) and the beautiful colors and camera-work. Goblin has managed to create music that sounds scary in itself and nothing much has to happen in the film to create a great atmosphere. Argento and Goblin cooperated on other titles too I believe, so I guess I am going to look up these films.

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