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Boxing Helena * Jennifer Chambers Lynch (1993)

Curious if ‘Lynch jr.’s debut is as bad as everybody says, I set out to find “Boxing Helena”. Funny that just as with the Cronenbergs, also the Lynches exchange actresses. Helena from the title is a very nice part of Sherilyn Fenn and her role is something of an extension of her role as Audrey Horne in Twin Peaks. Again Fenn is a beautiful and overly self-confident woman winding men around her finger. As the successfull surgeon Nick Cavanaugh moves back to his home village, his obsession with Helena reemerges. Cavanaugh is played by Julian Sands and Sands is absolutely horrible. He is more like an adolescent and he is completely annoying. Were is not for Fenn, the film should definately get the 4,2 that is has on IMdB. Overall the film is not that bad. Cavanaugh’s obsession goes to extremes when he gets the change to get Helena into his house and this develops nicely, but then comes a terrible end. Indeed, “Boxing Helena” is not a good film. It is not terrible either, but Lynch certainly missed a couple of opportunities to make the film a lot better.

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