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Chained * Jennifer Lynch (2012)

Wondering if the latest Jennifer Lynch would be better than “Surveillance” I got out to see “Chained”. Lynch came up with a variation to the serial killer thriller. We follow Bob, a taxi driver with a house in the middle of nowhere where he takes women to in order to kill them. During one of his abductions he gets a 9-year-old for free and he decides to take the boy in. “Chained” is mostly a psychological film about the relation between Bob and “Rabbit” added with the typical bloody murder scenes of a modern serial killer thriller. The camera work is beautiful in the weird, artificially lighted house. The relation between Bob and “Rabbit” does not come out too well and the atmosphere could have been better. Like the IMdB users who voted for this film, I think that “Chained” is not bad, but could have been better.

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