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The Tulse Luper Suitcases, part 1., the moab story * Peter Greenaway * 2003

I noticed that many of the older films of Greenaway are being released on DVD and I asumed that this was one of them. It seems -though- that the “Tulse Luper Suitcases” is a trilogy and quite recent too. However Greenaway is one of my favorite directors and this is again a typical Greenaway film, I didn’t like this film too much. The film contains the Greenaway picture-in-picture style, long scenes, taboos and nudity, but usually the man sets an atmosphere, mostly by use of repetative classical music, that I miss in this film. The ‘story’ (there never seems to be a real story in Greenaway’s films) is about a young man (Tulse Luper) who is frequently imprisoned. So often even that his life goes to play around it and he sees imprisonment as art. Luper structures his life in (I believe) 18 suitcases and 92 items that define life. A lot of stress is put on the Mormons and their philosophies. In a way, this film is a biography of Greenaway. Luper supposedly made films that were made by Greenaway ‘for real’. Anyway, a typical Greenaway film, therefor already interesting, but in comparison to the man’s other films, not the best.

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