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Tenebre * Dario Argento (1982)

“Giallo”, in Italy the word seems to mean just “thriller” (either for books or films), but outside Italy the term is used for a typical kind of Italian films. This Italian style thriller/horror seems to always contain beautiful women, nudity and lots of blood. This certainly goes for “Tenebre”. It looks like there are three version of this film, one with Italian sound, a Spanish and an English one. I saw the English, but I would have prefered the original language and subtitles.
Peter Neal is a writer of horror books and he travels to Rome to promote his most recent book “Tenebrae”. In the city there appears to be a killer active that is inspired by Neal’s books and he is also interested in Neal’s entourage. Neal sets out his own investigations.
Like I said, “Tenebre” contains beautiful women, nudity and lots of blood. The slashing scenes look pretty corny and are more amusing than scary. Generally I did not enjoy the film a lot. It did not work too well for me as a thriller. The better elements are the very 80’ies music, the 80’ies apparel and the sensual females, but I doubt that this is enough for me to start enjoying the genre.

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