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Ice Station Zebra * John Sturges (1968)

Other than that I did not learn anything else about “The Prisoner” (as I read somewhere) than that Patrick McGoohan always wears the same cloths and has the same way of acting, “Ice Station Zebra” is an unexpectedly entertaining old film. Something happens on the North Pole and an American submarine is sent out to reach a weather station from below the ice because of an ice storm. The submarine contains some secret agents and a nice combination between cold war espionage and submarine adventure unfolds. Then the submarine reaches its destination and more plots surface. “Ice Station Zebra” is a long film (148 minutes!), but watches as the better 007’s from the time. The film is based on a book and perhaps therefor the story is well worked out. Too bad about the poor closing scene. For the rest a recommended classic.

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