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The Guard * John Michael McDonagh (2011)

The guard from the title is Sergeant Gerry Boyle, a local police officer in some remote, Irish village. It is hard to say if the man is completely corrupt or wholly integer, or if he is a complete idiot or a genius, a fact is that he does things his own way without worrying about what others think. While his job usually does not bring anything much more exciting than youngsters from the city playing with drugs, things get more serious when the FBI suspects a big drug trafficking near Boyle’s village, the first elements of which proceed the FBI. FBI agent Wendell Everett is the agent who has to try to work with Boyle. Of course this develops into the usual love/hate film relation, but this works well enough.
“The Guard” is mostly a comedy with snappy dialogues, Irish jokes about the rest of the world and an enlarged contrast between the Irish countryside and the city. It is an amusing film with wonderfull characters and a good sense of humour.

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