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Brake * Gabe Torres (2012)

I bit of a Hollywood drag this is. The larger part of the film is alright. Jeremy Reins wakes up in some glass cage that appears to be in the back of a car. Almost the whole film we only see Jeremy in this small space trying to figure out what is happening to him and to the world around him. He has contact with someone in the same position, with his kidnappers and later with more people. Such a claustrophobic setup is no longer unique since films such as “Phonebooth” and “Cosmopolis“, but not badly executed. Then, towards the end, comes the obligatory moment in which the audience has to be surprised and the film makes a ‘duh’ turn and then another film-shattering one. The last 10 minutes are awfull! The point that the story contains a couple of serious “goofs” does not help either. Then there is this other thing that the viewer trying to find out what is up together with Jeremy is completely given away on IMdB and the box. Read nothing more about it if you are still interested to watch this film.

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