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Todo Sobre Mi Madre * Pedro Almodóvar * 1999

all about my mother

Almodóvar has a long “filmography” of which I have only seen “Habre Con Ella” (‘talk to her’) and now this one. I am not quite sure what the title refers to, but the story is about Manuela who travels back and forth from Barcelona and Madrid fleeing circumstances. First she was a prostitude and fled when getting pregnant, her son dies and she returns, but circumstances again force her to leave. And come back… “Todo Sobre Mi Madre” is a nice Spanish drama with a story that is sometimes not too easy to follow, various storylines run through eachother. The acting is good, the subjects maybe controversial, especially the way the personages deal with prostitution, HIV-infection, transsexuality, etc. An insight in a not-too-well-known part of society.

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