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Haywire * Steven Soderbergh (2011)‘Black ops’ agent Gina Carano gets double crossed during a job in Barcelona. Finding out the whos and whys a revenge action film unfolds. The story is not very original and not really surprising either, but since Soderbergh cut the film in pieces and rearranged things the story is not immediately totally clear. That may not be something you never saw, but something that does add to the film is the way that Soderbergh filmed and montaged things. There are full-blown chasing scenes that would normally have been accompanied by pounding music and exagerated sounds, but in “Haywire” the music is relatively tranquil and the sound minimalistic. I am sure that many people would have preferred the adrenaline rush type of filming, but this is at least something unusual. Also the camera work and colours are something atypical. Overall “Haywire” does remain a hip, contemporary action thriller though.

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