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Nos Miran * Norberto López Amado (2002)

My usual rental has closed its doors so I have to look for an alternative. I decided to try the video on demand service of my TV provider. A long alphabetical list with no search option and a list that is not available elsewhere as behind the ‘on demand’ button of the remote. Annoying! However there are interesting titles such as “Naboer” and “Ne Te Retourne Pas” I did not recognise many of the titles and the few not very obscure titles that I was looking for, are not listed. Frantically paging through the list to find something interesting we just picked a thriller, a Spanish one. “They Are Watching Us” is not a very original film, but it does have that nice, dark, Spanish gloom. Police investigator Juan gets an old case of a disappeared businessman and the case rattles up dark secrets, also for Juan personally. A nice film develops with a couple of clichees, but with nice camera work and a good atmosphere.

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