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Summer City * Christopher Fraser (1977)

This is weird. I rented this film under the title “Sex, Blood and Rock & Roll”. The box speaking of greasers and violence. I doubt I would have rented it with the original title and Mel Gibson’s (whose debut film this is) pretty face on the cover. Well, there is not all that much rock & roll in the film. Actually, we are following four surfers somewhere in the UK who are out for a weekend of partying. The music is often appropriate for a surfing crew, but in a disco there is a rockabilly band. As youngsters trying to have fun, the boys are of course out for sex, fighting and of course fun. The one most self-confident makes two mistakes that indeed makes the film turn into a thriller towards the end. “Summer City” gets only a 3.7 at IMdB. It may perhaps not be a terribly good film and the quality is that of a very old VHS tape, but the film certainly is not bad and it contains some interesting experimentations with slowed-down images and strange sounds that mark the transition to the darker part of the film. Not a film that you should put on top of your list, but still a suggestion if you want to see an older film with a few unexpected elements.

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