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The Strange Case of Sherlock Holmes & Arthur Conan Doyle * David Pirie * 2005

The Britisch channel BBC keeps coming up with expensive and ambitious TV projects. Recently a result of them is this TV film with a long title. As you will understand from the title, this film is about the famous inspector Sherlock Holmes and it’s author Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930). Doyle is getting sick and tired of Sherlock Holmes and lets him die. The audience and critics react fiercely. Doyle proves more productive in writing than ever but the public keeps longing for Holmes. Doyle’s publisher suggests a biography of the writer in the ‘Sherlock Holmes style’. So a man comes to Doyle asking quesions about his past, his motives, etc. in order to found out if events in Doyle’s life have shaped the stories of Sherlock Holmes.
The film is enjoyable, probably especially for people who know the stories of Sherlock Holmes (I don’t). If you know abut the BBC TV-film projects, you can easily compare this one with most of the others regarding quality in writing, acting, recording, etc.: very good. It is a good thing that a public channel has the money to make something different from the usual Hollywood films. You will have to see them on TV, but he, you can’t have everything!

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