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Bully * Larry Clark (2001)

Bobby and Marty are lifelong ‘friends’. Bobby somehow feels superior over his buddy and hits him whenever he likes, insults him in public and makes him do whatever he wants. Not used to anything else, Marty seems to accept the situation. When Marty meets Lisa and Bobby and Marty become part of a larger group of friends, Bobby treating everybody like shit when he feels to, Lisa persuades Marty to take a stand. A loose group of vague acquaintances is gathered to conduct the plan too serious for teenagers. “Bully” portrays the youth like many fear they are: easy with sex, drug-using and dealing, highschool dropout nitwits. The result is a pentrating film with sometimes overdone camera work to make things extra sexy. The youthfull actors have daring parts with nudity and sex scenes. Not without result. Nick Stahl (Bobby) would later have the main role in the “Carnivale” series and Bijou Phillips also had a part in “Almost Famous” a year earlier and most other actors have had many new parts. What the group has come up with proves way too big for their minds and the fact that they hardly knew eachother does not help to keep their secret. “Bully” is based on actual events and shows both the excesses and the vulnerable part of the youth of today.

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