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The Stepford Wives * Frank Oz * 2004

Just back from the U.S. of A. and in the airplane I saw a two films that I don’t believe can be seen in the European cinemas yet. Of course not too interesting films in a plane, but still. Here we go.

Nicole Kidman is a TV-show-host who has a nervous brackdown when she loses her job. With her husband and two children she moves to a village for exhorbitant rich people and where everything is perfect. Too perfect, because there are strange things going on. This is all I will tell you about the story, because otherwise there is not much reason left to watch this film. “The Stepfords Wives” is an alright blend of drama and comedy with some suspense influences. The film is only just enjoyable, but Kidman’s good acting (and looks) and a nice subtle sense of humour makes this film an agreeable pastime in a plane.

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