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Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead * Sidney Lumet (2007)

I was looking for an entertaining action film and my eye fell on a box with several descent actors. “Before The Devil…” is more of a drama with thriller elements though… Andy’s life is not really going the way he hoped. In order to make a positive break he picks up the plan for a robbery. He wants his brother Hank, who also does not have the perfect life, to ‘profit’ as well (actually he wants to use him). This proves to be Andy’s stupidest idea ever. The story is held cleverly small which made it easy to give both the purpetrator’s and the victim’s side of the story. The story is cut in pieces and montaged not-chronologically, an element popular in these days. Lumet’s film never becomes a flashy action-thriller, it is more -like I said- a drama in which the story slowly gets clearer. Not very surprising, but certainly well done.

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