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Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow * Kerry Conran * 2004

I remember that when this film was anounced for the cinemas, I already wanted to see it. Still it took until it was on TV before I finally did. A shame! Not only Gwyneth Paltrow (in a nice 1950’ies journalists outfit) and Angelina Joly (as a pirate) have a part (and Jude Law for the ladies), but “Sky Captain” is a visual spectacle and a very entertaining film. It looks like a comic and also the story is rather ‘comical’, but it seems not to be a comic-adaptation. “Sky Captain” is a science-fiction playing in the past. Somewhere after WWI gigantic machines ravage cities all over the world. This seems to be a plot of a dark professor. Journalist Polly and hero Sky Captain (Jude Law) try to find out what it all is. Story-wise not always too logical, but visually impressive (‘flat colours’, great atmosphere, alright special-effects) and very entertaining. If you like “Sin City”, “V For Vendetta” and the like, you may also want to see this one. <11/9/06><4>

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