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Cidade Baixa * Sérgio Machado (2005)

“Lower City” had been on my list for quite a while, but time and time again I could not find it at my usual rental’s. I looked under “drama”, “thriller” and “arthouse”, but a while ago ran into it by accident under “Spanish” when we we looking for Jodorowski’s “El Topo” which had been moved from “cult” to some place else (“classics”?, “arthouse”?, “drama”?, “Spanish”? he did not remember). “Lower City” is exactly like the short note on my list, a sexy drama. Lifelong friends Naldinho and Deco meet the beautiful prostitute Karinna. Both fall in love with her and she… with them both. Of course such a situation can never turn out well. Karinna continues her job in order to make a living, Naldinho and Deco try to make a living as well. Both draw towards Karinna sometimes and push her off at another time, but things are not was good between them as they were. “Lower City” makes a moody drama playing in some suburb of a Brazilian city. There are steamy sex scenes, good acting and a story that is not make bigger than it has to be.

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