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Duo Luo Tian Shi * Kar Wai Wong (1995)

“Fallen Angels” is a nicely strange film in which we follow three persons. The main character is Wong Chi-Ming, a young killer who likes to simply be told what to do and when. He reconsiders his occupation though. Wong has a foxy business associate who arranges his assignments. He wants to keep their relationship strictly practical, but she feels lonely and wants to get to know her associate. One part of him wants the same, but mostly to tell her that he wants to quit. The third person is He Zhiwu, a complete no-good who lives with his dad whom he loves, but makes fun off, he does not work, but makes fun of other people and other people’s business. In the beginning the parts about Wong are an Eastern version of a hip gangster film with handheld camera-work, bright colours and rough humour. More humour is found in the parts about the weird He. Lateron the film gets more melancholic, but also with strange experimentations. An interesting film.

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