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Sunshine * Danny Boyle (2007)

Boyle goes from good films (“Trainspotting”, “127 Hours”) to boring films such as “Slumdog Millionaire”. “Sunshine” falls in the latter category. “Sunshine” is a blabla moralistic scifi film in which a spaceship is sent to the dying sun in order to blow it up and create a new star. The ship is called “Icarus” so the destiny is clear from the beginning. Of course the crew has to make the choices between their own lives and mankind and changing and debunking their mission for minor purposes. The entire film plays on the spaceship with a small crew which naturally consists of men and women, scientists of different professions. The story contains a bit too many ‘why’s and ‘yeah right’s. Nope, scifi is not really my genre. Boyle does not make “Sunshine” an exception either.

1 thought on “Sunshine * Danny Boyle (2007)”

  1. Yesterday I saw the film again (I forgot I already saw it). I am less negative than three years ago, but this is still not a very good film.

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