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Sweeney Todd * Tim Burton (2007)

Apparently I missed a Burton/Depp cooperation. Could it be because previously I knew that “Sweeney Todd” is a musical and I did not notice it now? It is, you know, a musical… Still this film is a real Burton/Depp. Magnificent stages, weird characters, nicely gloomy with black humour and horror-elements, but the difference is that a large part of the dialogues are sung. This does not really work like in “Repo!“, but on the other hand, it does not take down the film entirely. Perhaps it just adds to the weirdness. Depp is Sweeney Todd, a man who was abandoned for 15 years because some corrupt judge fancied his wife. Of course Todd is up for revenge. A strange story unfolds which is wonderfully told by the combination Burton/Depp, of course in combination with a host of other (sometimes well-known for Burton lovers) actors.

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