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När Mörkret Faller * Anders Nilsson (2006)

“When Darkness Falls” tells three stories that you may read about in the newspaper. The stories are cut up in pieces and presented through eachother. We have Nina a Turkish (?) girl whose family thinks she broke the family-honour. Another woman is Carina who is beaten by the man she loves and decides to act. Then there is Peter, a doorkeeper at a club who too roughly denies entry to a group he had no idea who they were. For all three, but also for the people close to them, things turn out to be a nightmare. Nina, and her sister Leyla who takes up for her, face the wrath of the family with is quite unbelievable. Carina decides to take a stand, but she has children, a sister, her colleagues who are also the colleagues of her husband and on top of all, her husband’s mother comes to visit. Peter transfers his problem to his boss Aram who faces a mercyless enemy.
“När Mörkret Faller” is an alright film with the stories behind newspaper articles and then of course taken to extremes.

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