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Sherlock Holmes * Guy Ritchie (2009)

I usually avoid these overly popular films, but since the choice in the airplane was not super, I watched this first film of Sherlock Holmes. There is another one available, perhaps I will watch it on the flight back. “Sherlock Holmes” is actually quite an enjoyable film. A nice, Victorian atmosphere, a bit sleezy and dark, great stages and special effects. The story is adopted to enjoy the contemporary audience and some strange elements such as fighting scenes and adventure making the whole look a bit like Indiana Jones are added. What I found quite irritating is that the director apparently hid a lot of clues in his film, which are all explained towards the end, apparently to give the film a somewhat intelligent content. In any case, Holmes and his assistent Watson fight evil in the form of a man and in doing so dabble with magic and science, wreck things, make jokes and a spectacle, everything for a modern Hollywood production. Not boring, certainly not, but not really my kind of film either.

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