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One Hundred Years Of Evil * Erik Eger & Magnus Oliv (2010)

This ‘mockumentary’ is the result of an investigation of a Norwegian researcher who thinks that Hitler did not commit suicide, but survived. Skule is een crime investigator who developed lie-detecting software based on the use of facial muscles. Analising interviews with SS-soldiers he concludes that they lie about the suicide of Hitler and he sets off to find the man. While the documentary starts somewhat seriously, it is much less so lateron. Hitler escaped from the bunker, was apprehended with a whole range of lookalikes, but eventually set free. Remaining in the USA he became an influential figure with wild plans, but under a different name. The investigators try to track him down, are twarted, but eventually uncover the truth. Or did they?
This fake documentary is amusing and in some ways nicely done. The old Hitler is montaged into footage with McCarthy and other known video material. A funny watch if you want something light.

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