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Ring Of The Nibelungs * Uli Edel * 2004

the curse of the ring

It doesn’t happen very often that I see a film of which I have read the book, but this film is based on the “Nibelungenlied” and the “Völsungensaga” (from the poetic Edda). The story of Sigurd/Siegfried the dragonslayer. The box says that both epics were the bases of Wagner’s “Ring Des Nibelungen” operas (correct) and the “Lord Of The Rings” trilogy (maybe one or two ideas). This two episode series (2x 1,5 hour) is only loosely based on the sagas. It is no boring watch, but since I know the stories I frequently get the idea that something is wrong / different. Also the story ends a bit too early. The clash between the old and new (Christian) faith is stressed quite a bit and since the story of based on the old, this film of couse shows something of our prechristian past which comes nicely in the raising interest herein.

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