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The Ring Two * Hideo Nakata * 2005

I have been in doubt whether or not to go and see this film. The first American Ring was alright, but didn’t quite have the atmosphere of the originals. Then there were two Ju-Ons of which the first was remade by the original director and this film WAS kept mostly in the Japanese style. Then Nakata himself was going to make the second American Ring. I read both positive and negative reviews and decided to just go for it.
Well, “The Ring Two” is pretty boring. Is has become totally American with fright-moments instead of atmosphere and additions to the story to make it more interesting. This American Ring two isn’t just a remake of one of the Japanese Ringu films, but an entirely new film, more or less with a new story. This is positive in my opinion, there is at least SOME surprise left when you know all of the Japanese films. But, like I said, “The Ring Two” is not too entertaining, but still alright to see some time.

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