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Drive * Nicholas Winding Refn (2011)

It was a good weekend film-wise. Somehow inspite of the not very easy previous film “Walhalla Rising”, everybody seems to have seen and liked the latest Refn. “Drive” is not too common though, so perhaps it is a bit strange that the larger audience embraces it. Perhaps “Drive” is going to be the new “Pulp Fiction” which was something completely new when it came out, but most people agree that it is a modern classic. In any case, “Drive” came out to be a very slow action thriller. This indeed sounds strange, but it is exactly what it is. We follow a “driver” with different sides. In the first scene he is the driver of a getaway car, but after that he is an overly friendly neighbour, but it is very clear that he harbours deep waters. His darker side comes floating up when he gets involved in a situation that runs out of hand. A dark thriller with a few very violent outburst develop, but still mostly in a very slow pace. Refn worked out his idea perfectly and managed to make a very slow, but lively film with alternating speed, good use of music, good acting and inspite of the very thin and predictable story, a well-structured film. Indeed, “Drive” has the elements to become a classic.

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