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Small Town Murder Songs * Ed Gass-Donnelly (2010)

What a great film. The title refers to three main elements of the film. In a small town, a murder is committed. The small town is a very religious, remote community and the film is layered with Biblical quotes and religious singing. Often the music replaces the sound of the film which is very well done. It certainly gives the film a great and slightly surrealistic atmosphere. What adds to this is the very slow pace of the film. Long shots before something happens, not too much dialogue. The story is mainly about Walter, a local police officer with a past that keeps catching up with him, in particular during the investigation of his first murder case. This does not really make the film a thriller, it is more a drama with thriller elements. I love a film in which music is used in such a way that it intensifies the film and “Small Town Murder Songs” is definately one of them.

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