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Tightrope * Richard Tuggle (1984)

I wanted to see this classic, but my usual DVD rental did not have it. Another of their shops did, so they had it come over. That proved to be a VHS tape… After doubting for a while I eventually got the tape, but it was of such poor quality that my player couldn’t get it running straight. I brought back the VHS advising them not to rent it out anymore. A couple of weeks later I was back and when looking up something for me, suddenly the “Tightrope” DVD came from below the desk. They found an old DVD release! Well, the film is not really worth all the trouble… Clint Eastwood plays detective Block who is on the hunt for a serial killer, aiming for women with ‘unusual sexual activities’. The film tries to shock a bit with semi-erotic scenes, talk about S&M, etc. all not very convincing, but that could be hindsight. The story is not too bad though, the atmosphere at times alright, so “Tightrope” is not really a bad film, just not a really good one either.

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