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Ring: Spiral * George Lida * 1999

For those who still don’t believe it: “this is the film that was shot at the same time as the original Ring and is therefor the only real Ring 2”. I had heard of this ‘original Ring 2’ before which was regarded so terrible that a descent follow-up had to be made. I can’t find this title in the Internet Movie Database. The info above comes from the internetpage of the videostore.

This Ring is indeed the least of the four Japanese films, but still not as horrible as some will make you believe. It is more of a drama which very slowly evolves towards the dark thriller that we came to watch the Ring ‘series’ for. The story comes after the first Ring of course. The dead doctor isn’t dead and flashbacks go back to Ring 0. No need to tell you about the killer-videotape I suppose? Just watch it if you have already seen the rest. When I see the English version of the first Ring, I have seen them all…

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